Welcome to Highveld Roofing

WHO ARE WE?: We are very excited about the new direction we have taken.  For 20 years we have offered roofing solutions under a different umbrella.  Highveld Roofing (Pty) Ltd is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and offer services such as prefabricated roof trusses, roof tiles, roof sheeting, roof erection and roof inspection/certification.  We have decided to purely focus on bringing value and service into the roofing industry that we would expect if our house/office was being built. 
There is a massive gap in the industry with suppliers that just want to make a quick buck and run.  We have learned time and time again that building a relationship with your customers and keeping your quality checks in place is a success recipe to wave your flag high and walk tall in the industry. 

At the end of the day, it is all about keeping our clients happy and literally going ‘the extra mile’ for our clients, and we believe that is exactly what we do.  We are most certainly not saying we are immune to issues with certain jobs as that would be foolish.  We are however guaranteeing that with each job you do with us, you will have a team members full attention from beginning to the end in a professional manner.  Over and above our hands on approach, we are exceptionally passionate and we do believe this shows through our level of service. 
Highveld Roofing provides professional service and advice and our staff are always available for all your enquiries and requests. 

Stephen is proud to lead a loyal and committed team and works alongside his team on a daily basis.  Creating a culture that builds strong relationships between our clients, employees, suppliers and erectors is what we strive for.  Highveld Roofing has grown to where it is today from hard work, commitment and excellent workmanship and our size and structure allows us to manage a number of jobsites at any time.  Our erectors have the experience and skills necessary to lead their teams from start to finish with little disruption as well as encouraging them to work safely. 

OUR VISION: To be a leader in the roofing industry by providing excellent quality services and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation.
OUR MISSION: To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM US?: Our team will work with you to achieve satisfying results for your dream home/office.  You will experience professionalism and integrity throughout the project.  We will deliver the highest quality of workmanship for your project.  Our management systems ensure quality assurance as well as health and safety.  We will guide you through the process from beginning to end.  Detailed layouts of the roof will be provided.  Itemised planning ensures no additional costs as we use specialised software that allows for accurate costing.  Meeting industry regulations and standards. 
Highveld Roofing (Pty) Ltd is committed to meeting and going beyond our clients’ expectations in all aspects of its service, including on time delivery, professional service, quality workmanship and management.  

When quality and experience matters.