As a roof is one of the largest, heaviest and most costly structures in a home design, home builders should choose quality over price when it comes to workmanship and materials.
Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses are based on SANS 10160, 10163 & 10243 and connected with an accredited Engineering System’s nail plates as per their design and supplied by an accredited ITC-SA Fabricator.  ITC-SA (The Institute for Timber Construction) is South Africa’s professional body and regulator of the engineered timber structure industry.
Roof trusses are designed using MiTek Industries software programme which is one of ITC-SA’s Accredited System Suppliers.
The roof structure is arguably one of the most important construction elements of any residential building to be constructed, as it protects the occupier’s property, finishes and inhabitants from the elements. It is also one of the largest, heaviest and most costly structural components in any home design. Prefabricated roof trusses are cut by advanced, specially designed machinery and are therefore far more accurate than their hand-made counterparts.
We have decided to purely focus on bringing value and service into the roofing industry that we would expect if our own house/office was being built. Bringing you the best in prefabricated roof trusses.

For free quotations, we need one of the following:

•             Building plans
•             Measurements taken on site

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