Roof Erections and What is It.

Prior to commencing work, ensure that all work areas have safe paths of access and egress at all times, and are free of obstructions. When working near window penetrations and balconies, ensure all open gaps and penetrations from which a person can fall are protected. Use any of the following methods:

• first floor edge protection system

• timber railings installed at point of manufacture • temporary stud installed by person erecting roof trusses

• guard railing system

• full perimeter scaffold. The first-floor perimeter edge protection should not be removed until all openings and penetrations are otherwise protected. Temporary timber handrails should be checked for their quality and their effectiveness to prevent falls.

void areas Where a void – eg stairs or atrium - exists, no-one is to install roof trusses unless a void protection platform system is installed at the floor below.

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